My philosophy towards research is simple, it should be interesting, it should be useful, and it should make the world a little bit better. Please look here for some of the publications and projects I have been a part of. If you can't get access to an article listed, let me know and I will share an author copy.

Full Curriculum Vitae (September 2019)


“The Credit Card or the Taxi”: A Qualitative Investigation of Parent Involvement in Indoor Competition Climbing

Examining Overparenting and Child Gender in Adolescence

Examining Overparenting, Socioeconomic Status, and Parental Out-of-School Time Experience: Does Socioeconomic Status and Out-of-School-Time Experience Matter?

Exploring Overparenting in Summer Camp: Adapting, Developing, and Implementing a Measure

Division-I Student-Athletes’ Affective and Cognitive Responses to Receiving Confirmation From Their Head Coach

Research and Practice: An Applied Examination of the Parental Perceptions of Developmental Outcomes Scale

Tough Decisions in Medical Specialty Camps: Relationships between Camp Dosage, Outcomes, and Camper Attendance

Efficacy of Online Training for Improving Camp Staff Competency


A Structural Model Exploring Gender Differences in Perceived Constraints to Competition Climbing

Examining Predictors of Implementation Quality in an Emerging International Extension Context

Place-Based Pathways to Pro-Environmental Behavior: Empirical Evidence for a Conservation–Recreation Model

Interpreting Perceived Constraints to Ethnic and Racial Recreation Participation Using a Recreation Systems Approach

Enhancing the College Student Experience: Outcomes of a Leisure Education Program


Beyond Composite Scores and Cronbach's Alpha: Advancing Methodological Rigor in Recreation Research

Living Without Boys: A Retrospective Analysis of the Benefits and Skills Gained at All Female Camps

The Business of Lifestyle Sport (Book Chapter)


Indoor Competition Climbing as a Context for Positive Youth Development

A Structural Model of Camp Director Practices and Outcomes: Does Intention Toward Program Outcomes Matter?

A Closer Look at the Camp Experience: Examining Relationships Between Life Skills, Elements of Positive Youth Development, and Antecedents of Change Among Camp Alumni

Competition Climbing: From Leisure Pursuit to Lifestyle Sport

Values and Decision-Making: Introducing the Public Servant Values Questionnaire to Recreation Administrators

Parent Anxiety Causes and Consequences: Perspectives from Camp Program Providers 

Fidelity and Its Importance to Experiential and Outdoor Education

Preparing Youth Development Professionals through a Blended Online Master’s Degree Program (Book Chapter)


Influences of Resident Camp Experiences on Career Choice: A Case Study of Female Alumnae

Measuring the Impact of a Medical Specialty Camp: Using Self-Determination Theory

Development and Implementation of CARE Now: A University, Municipal Recreation Department, and Public School Collaborative Model

The Cooperative Extension Program Development Model: Adapting to a Changing Context

Factors Impacting Program Delivery: The Importance of Implementation Research in Extension

Looking Ahead: Envisioning the Future of the Extension Program Development Model

Exploring Overparenting within the Context of Youth Development Programs


 Exploring the Relationship between the Facilitator and Fidelity


Fidelity and its Importance to Experiential Education